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Revenue Collection

Fleximen have years of experience supplying and supporting cashless payment systems. The products are mainly used in the education sector; Schools, Colleges and Universities.
The products are used for controlling copying and printing by means of a card reader coin box or keypad.
To use a copier or printer you need to insert a card, coin or a pin no or a mixture of all three.
This helps by bringing back revenue to help with the cost of the copier toner or paper, etc and even helps to buy new books.

The Revenue System Products provide the complete solution, offering a Dispenser to issue the cards, card readers to access the copier/printer and a value loader to recharge the cards. The cards can be used over and over again and can have pin number security and you can have your own artwork printed on them.

Copiers can also be fitted with just a coin box or a keypad device, the keypad can also give you a print out to monitor user/copier.