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Asset Registration & Auditing


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Today, the effective control of IT and other assets from cradle to grave is no longer solely the province or responsibility of the IT Department. With the advent of tighter budgetary controls, the WEEE directives, ROHS and Sarbanes Oxley, asset management is now of paramount importance to all levels of business from the Receptionist to the CEO and all sizes of organization from SME's to blue chip.

Our easy-to-use solution 'AccuCheck' allows accurate asset data recording, carried out in a rapid, cost-effective yet controlled manner. The resulting Asset Register is accurate and therefore the reports which may be generated can be relied upon totally. The PDA-based, walk-round auditing element of the system uses date/time stamps and digital signatures to create a complete history of every asset from deployment to disposal.


Imagine an Asset Management System that is so accurate that you can have total confidence in it's reports. Imagine an easy-to-use system that creates and verifies your Asset Management System without the need to manually enter data. Imagine the benefits of a system that uses date/time stamps and digital signatures to create a complete audit trail for every movement of assets, from deployment to disposal. Now, Imagine all this on software that never becomes obsolete.

By using PDAs to collect data AccuCheck eliminates all traditional human data collection/data entry errors. AccuCheck will only allow users to enter data that meets your specifications. No more 'Dell Printers' or Departments allocated to the wrong building! AccuCheck takes less than 1 minute to configure and six buttons control the entire process. AccuCheck imports/exports asset register data in .txt format. This keeps data files small and ensures AccuCheck will work with any database or asset management package. AccuCheck eliminates manual data entry. As a result users collect more assets per day. Consequently, current internal costs or project costs are halved. Additional cost savings are generated when AccuCheck is used to record additions/deletions and IMAC. Accucheck is coded to work with Bluetooth readers that scan both barcode and RFID tags.